discovering and developing simple rules requires people to trust one another at all levels of organisation.

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complexity with robin hamer


Explore complexity

Robin Hamer is one of the pioneers who has applied a complexity science framework to business consulting.

Find out more about Robin Hamer and explore the complexity section with links, history and previous clients.

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Business complexity

By using an interesting mixture of accessible theoretical inputs, experiential learning and group interactions, Robin helps people to agree upon and live within an appropriate minimal structure; simple rules usually based upon what people value.

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Next complexity

The 21-century is defined by knowledge economies and the ability to constantly adapt to increasingly rapid change.

Learn more complexity with Robin Hamer through ideas, film, reading and writing.

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Be inspired

Each year Robin produces a range of calendars and images from his extensive photography activities. Be inspired with the range and variety of amazing photographs produced.

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Poidem : let's go

A major project with directors of Poidem bank, Russia to produce a learning resource.

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walk and climb

Walk and Climb

Exhilarating and relaxing, inspirational and challenging, creating an awareness of the possibilities of life.

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