about the "Пойдем - Lets Go" project


technical development

Run over a period of some 2 years, the learning site was developed from a simple starting point that would eventually include adaptation of specialist code to be run via a database.

The initial brief was to present a range of materials such as articles, ideas, galleries and video in an interesting manner. An emulation of the TED.org presentation using thumbnails with captions was chosen, this mirroring some of the ideas behind the project.

The main purpose was to develop a showcase for ideas featuring different media sources and to promote ideas in developing connections between them.

evolving a web site


From simple html with a few pages of content to demonstrate an idea, the poidem website grew to encompass a wide range of materials and services to support the learning project.

  • ideas showcase
  • comment system
  • video and document sources
  • private social network
  • video conferencing
  • email campaign resource

a learning network


Initially the site contained 3 main sections: learning, sharing & conclusions.

Learning held the main site content with the sub-section lets go, this being a sequence of activities for the group to carry out. Other notable parts within Learning were

  • Explore which was the first successful use of the TED-style interface
  • Download which contained links to useful free software that would make it easier for the group to access initial materials.

Sharing gave access to the private group network, a shared whiteboard and a photo gallery to which the group could add pictures.

Conclusions held a minimal set of blank icons where we would add materials generated by the group as outcomes of the activities


As the learning site developed, the sections were refined and a simple menu interface of icons was used:

site map

main site features

  • simple buttons in Russian/English
  • use of icons to produce an intuitive interface
  • a real emphasis on simplicity of design

active sections

The increased quantity of materials needed a more refined interface and this was achieved with the use of tabbed sections.

screen shot

This version of the web site can be seen here.

Links to the on-line conference, private network and other shared resources have been removed as they are no longer active.


The final version of the site, being the sixth in the series, was a fully database-powered interface with semi-randomised placements of images in each of the sections producing a variety of similar layouts.

Items were also organised by tags and there was a facility for a star-rating system and the group could comment on individual sections in English/Russian.

screen shot

The final version of the web site can be seen here.

into the future

Each stage of the development led to a complete redesign of the site, a real evolution over 2+ years of the learning activities.

As the programme ended, there were plans in place to take the next steps of making the site fully responsive for use on mobile, iPad as well as desk-top computers, along with opportunities for dedicated pages for group members to develop themselves.