describing complexity


describing is...

  • making up stories for my infant daughters as they fell asleep next to me
  • opening the magazine to see my first article on the colour centre pages
  • listening to others' stories and learning from them
  • panicking when my slides came back and I knew I had the exposure all wrong
  • hearing the business stories I have written being told back to me by strangers
  • waking up in the middle of the night with ideas buzzing round my head
  • hearing one of the BBC radio programmes I produced played on Radio Hong Kong
  • seeing my photographs exhibited in London at the Royal Geographical Society
  • recognising my photographs on the sides of buses, magazines and brochures
SW Nepal

media work

Unclimbed peaks in the India Himalaya
Ilford Ltd & BBC

Photographic Exhibition sponsor
Fuji Photo Film Co Ltd

People and Mountains of Nepal
Royal Geographical Society, London

Photo journalism articles published in various magazines and Journals
UK, Germany, Japan, USA

Television programmes
BBC1, BBC2, ITV, Praxis Films Ltd

robin hamer