Working with business and complexity

Complexity provides a framework for dealing with uncertainty and unpredictability. Just remind yourself of the continual mergers and takeovers of companies, the boom and bust of stock markets, fluctuating economic cycles and the unpredictable world of markets.


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introducing business & complexity

Robin uses the latest research from complexity science to help businesses adapt more successfully to an increasingly changing world. This evolving relationship between science and business provides a completely new way to view how we organise work, people and our lives.

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challenging is...

  • "I never thought I could do that"
  • "I've amazed myself"
  • wanting to run and hide
  • motivating people to have fun
  • allowing my children to learn from their mistakes
  • helping people to deal with redundancy
  • ...

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learning is...

  • noticing what works
  • the excitement of understanding
  • questioning traditional views, asking why, breaking patterns
  • making mistakes
  • getting used to uncertainty
  • ...

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cracked earth

organising is...

  • developing and applying new combinations of ideas
  • seeing people get excited about the way they work
  • building networks, developing social capital through trust and a sense of community
  • having ten different books on the go at the same time
  • seeing small inputs have a large outcome
  • ...

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exploring is...

  • the view from the summit
  • following dreams
  • watching the sunset over the Himalayas
  • making the first ascent of unclimbed mountains
  • sharing a cup of tea after a rewarding team-building day
  • starting a development project with the villagers of a Sherpa village
  • ...

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describing is...

  • making up stories for my infant daughters as they fell asleep next to me
  • opening the magazine to see my first article on the colour centre pages
  • listening to others' stories and learning from them
  • panicking when my slides came back and I knew I had the exposure all wrong
  • hearing the business stories I have written being told back to me by strangers
  • waking up in the middle of the night with ideas buzzing round my head
  • ...

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speaking is...

  • hearing an audience laugh
  • talking to individuals in an audience from around the world after giving a presentation on teamwork and co-operation
  • facing an audience of three hundred people and my mind going blank
  • telling it how it is
  • listening to great storytellers
  • feeling wobbly before a big presentation and over the moon after it
  • ...

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