learning complexity


learning is...

  • evolving and discovering
  • noticing what works
  • the excitement of understanding
  • questioning traditional views, asking why, breaking patterns
  • making mistakes
  • getting used to uncertainty
  • staying curious, continually seeing with new eyes
  • listening to one another, being supported by others even though they may disagree
  • recognising that thinking is profoundly influenced by emotion
  • constantly being delighted by the achievements of others
  • seeing the ordinary become extraordinary
  • following the beat of a different drum, crazy thinking
  • making friends
  • taking time to reflect
  • trying new ways of doing things for the fun of it, playing, creating energy
  • keeping a sense of wonder during a lifetime of learning

learning to learn

team building

Robin helps groups learn how to learn, to understand the psychology inherent in learning and to respect that each person is expert in their own learning.

He helps develop proactive teams who can effectively share learning and positively support one another. These flexible teams are able to evolve and adapt to change and maintain exceptional performance through periods of turbulence.

experiential learning

Robin travels to venues all over the world. In the UK Robin regularly organises experiential learning courses at the Conway Centre based on the Isle of Anglesey, situated off the coast of North Wales.

"The exceptional natural beauty and combination of sea and mountains provides a powerful environment where people come to a deeper understanding of themselves and the colleagues they work with."