a brief history of robinhamer.com

Robin Hamer is a scientist and an artist. He trained originally in sculpture and painting, wrote his thesis on prehistoric art and architecture, qualified as a teacher, travelled widely, in South America, Africa and Asia, made a name as a high altitude expedition leader, works as a photo-journalist, became a conference speaker, a radio producer, studied biology and geology at Liverpool University and ran his own business for 10 years.

robin is a high altitude expedition leader

developing projects

He has worked with corporate companies since 1994 in the UK, Holland, Ireland, South Africa, Qatar and Russia. He organises development projects in India and Nepal and continues to be a published freelance photographer.

His work has been exhibited in Galleries around the UK including a solo exhibition at the Royal Geographical Society in London. His work is used in advertising by Sprayway, an outdoor clothing manufacturer.


He is one of the pioneers who has applied a complexity science framework to business consulting. He has studied at Schumacher College on courses taught by world authorities such as Brian Goodwin, Frijof Capra and Roger Lewin. His experience of working with groups of people is extensive.

His interests are wide and are expressed through challenging, learning, organising, exploring, describing and speaking.