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Robin Hamer is a creative, innovative and dynamic consultant who is at the leading edge of applying complexity science to business organisation.

He works predominantly with human resource departments of large companies to create networks of people within the business who are able to evolve and adapt to change and maintain an exceptional performance through periods of turbulence.


email: robin @ robinhamer.com

mobile: +44 7971 810063

In case Robin is not available, please contact Patricia who works with Robin developing Mindfulness as a business tool.

Patricia Rooney mobile: +44 7971 052573

mentoring and coaching

Many people over the years have found Robin to be invaluable as a coach and mentor. Helping them to be "the best that they can be", and surprise themselves with their levels of performance.

Robin helps people learn to learn. He has specialist expertise and understanding in how to develop creativity and how to present effectively through visual media and talks. He regularly presents to groups on how to encourage curiosity, develop appreciation in ourselves and others, and so enhance our imaginations.

Robin, you will never be forgotten by SPC as its visionary. Thank you for the experience.
Simon Kay MD. SPC Scottish and Newcastle Ltd


Robin has worked with many diverse and interesting people and companies. A selection of his clients can be seen here.