What next in complexity

In this increasingly complex and fast changing world we need individuals who feel they can act. We need people who know how to improvise, know how to take others with them, know how to improve care, kindness and empathy ... and so figure out the right thing to do.


Writing complexity

Writing about complexity, stories from the edge, including the narrative "into the sun".

"The sleeping bag cocoons me but I can’t move. I hug my leather boots to my chest to stop them from freezing. I can't feel my feet."

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reading complexity

A selection of books and references exploring the concepts of complexity.

Some of the foremost thinkers and writers on the subject of complexity and its application to business today.

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seeing complexity

Watching changing complexity from simple rules in action.

Film and video clips showing how simple rules and starting conditions lead to complex patterns and outcomes.

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Thinking complexity

A collection of articles, thoughts and ideas.

Rules are interesting things. Nature seems to use a few simple ones, a minimal structure that describe dynamic relationships between one thing and another that guides behaviour and interactions.

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