the future of business

where will the increasing speed of change take us?

there will be increased complexity

greater ambiguity

increasing volatility

and even greater uncertainty


don’t let your competitors kill your dreams
because you failed to keep up with the times

this future will be a challenge
and old ways will not open new doors

what will our journey be like?
how will we travel together?

“looking ahead … the art of walking on boulders”
what is our strategy to survive and prosper in the unknown future?
how do we develop the leadership to take us there?

how can we create leaders who can manage this environment?

could we all become leaders of ourselves?
could we learn to exercise the muscles of curiosity, appreciation and imagination?

can leaders in companies lead people in a way that generates greater energy?

can we do it differently?
are we flexible?

amplify individuality?

will employees will be more selective in how and where they work?
will people want to change patterns for a better work / life balance?
will there be an increasing scarcity of talent?

customers want more choice
they want a brand that solves their problems
they want solutions tailored for them
they will buy from a brand that reflects what they care about

a companies purpose
why new employees will work for it
why new customers will buy from it

how will we relate to one another?
can it be simply linear, logical, predictable and comfortable?

or will it feel uncomfortable?
will this constant accelerating change drain energy away from us
will these challenging environments and relationships overwhelm our emotions?

will we be able to learn quickly
respond in an agile way and adapt to constant change?

will we need new relationships, new ways of doing things where we can rely on one another in a deeper way…?

how can we adapt and evolve to use our wisdom in new ways to face future challenges?

can we grow our global reach but with a local focus?

how will we adapt?